Casting of polyurethanes to woven textile, non-woven fabric, scrim, leather or any other number of substrates, we produce high-visibility and fire-resistant products for special safety requirements up to 78" usable width. Urethane Films, can be formulated and laminated with and among fabric layers of different properties to meet  any performance standard. 

Light, Breathable Active Wear

Lightweight and breathable, urethane-coated fabrics are also effective wind and moisture barriers (ie., windbreakers and parkas) often found in today's fast-paced active ware and sportswear. They are thin, but highly durable.

Depending on the product, urethane barrier coating fabrics can be formulated for breathability and high moisture vapor transmission rates for warm, humid conditions, or insulated and more airtight for extreme cold. In either case, the fabric allows freedom to move, bend and stretch equally for arctic rescue teams and soccer moms alike.   

The range of colors and prints are virtually unlimited. JM Leary Associates can have your full array of fabrics ready for opening day in any season.

Waterproof Urethane Mattress Covers

Urethane Barrier fabrics can be comfortable, warm, thin, flexible and breathable, while protecting against leaks and spills.

They are the key to waterproof mattress covers., among other things, formulated to withstand the repeated rigors of institutional laundry washing and drying.

Institutional and health care industries also depend on mattress covers compounded with with antimicrobials to inhibit the spread of bacteria and viruses, both domestically and internationally. 

Specialty Films and Cast Urethane

Specialty Urethane films/cast fabric treatments:

  • heat sealable 
  • printable, embossable
  • chemically resistant
  • flame resistant
  • electrically conductive (or non-)
  • antimicrobial
  • color matching
  • stiff or flexibile
  • air tight, water tight

 ... can be formulated for any specialized need.

Urethane Coated Medical Products

For sanitary and sterile environments, such as medical offices, hospitals and ambulances and emergency management, the inhibition of blood pathogens is critical to care providers as well as patients.

Formulated for sterility, breatheability, comfort and convenience, urethane membranes can be cast or coated onto non woven fabrics for many specific medical textile applications, whether laundered or disposable.

Coated Leather

During the tanning process, leather can become "split", when the outer layer peels away from inner layer. Consequently, split leather is available to manufacturers at lower cost.

JM Leary Associates' urethane coating process restores value and durability to split leather for use in upholstery, clothing, footwear and automotive applications. In addition, our facilities take special care in matching coating colors over periods of years for many long-established products. Whether for  new test marketsproducts, or standard runs for leather goods, embossing and color pigmentation can also add value to coated splits.

Urethane Membranes, Films and Composites

Cast urethane membranes and films are formulated as desired for breatheability, adhesion between layers or barriers to moisture.

To achieve the desired effects, a multiple-polymer-layer design of fabrics, membranes and films of different properties may be required.

JM Leary Associates offers highest-quality cost-effective operations with systems to construct composites seamlessly in a single pass. Please contact us to discuss the properties and time frames demanded by your next opportunity.

Air / Liquid Holding Bladders and Linings

Cast Urethane can be coated and heat sealed onto a variety of fabric substrates to form air- and liquid-holding bladders and linings.

For applications that require containment of air, gas or fluids, our engineers create precise formulations for linings to support a target range of pressures and/or temperatures, hot or cold. Heat sealing of urethane-coated fabrics are applied according to the required durability and flexibility of the end product.

JM Leary Associates' prior experimentation and present expertise can reduce development cycles and lead times.