Up to 194" usable width

Wipes for Specific Applications

Applications requiring comfort and ease of use highly absorbent, fluid-filled needlepunch nonwoven fabrics for cosmetic wipes and baby wipes.

Nonwoven needlepunch fabrics can be optimized with varying degrees of high oil absorbency and other properties for industrial, janitorial, environmental or medical cleanup operations.

Needlepunch Fabrics in Home Products

Needlepunch Nonwoven fabrics commonly used in the home include:

  • Top of the bed items
    • mattress pads
    • blankets
    • comforters 
  • pot holders
  • ironing boards
  • floor insulation
  • table pads
  • cushion pads
  • filters
  • Wipes
  • and many other household items

Saturated Nonwovens - Healthcare

Nonwoven needlepunch saturated fabric is widely used in the manufacture of reusable incontinent pads and briefs.

Nonwoven needlepunch fabrics are highly absorbent and containing for liquids.

Some needlepunch blends wick quickly and efficiently to move moisture away from the body. Further specialization of blends are optimized to divert an hold larger volumes of fluids. 

Special fibers when added to needlepunch nonwovens control odor-causing bacteria and viruses.

New England Nonwoven needlepunch fabrics are used to make soft, comfortable surface fabrics for microwavable hot packs to ease muscle aches.

Needlepunch felts, durable and soft to the touch, provide a comfortable interface between ortho() equipment and the body, and are  extensively used in orthordic braces and other physical therapy devices.

Laminating & Coating Substrates

Nonwoven needlepunch fabrics are used in laminating process, including:

  • Wet adhesive bonding
  • Dry web bonding
  • Hot melt bonding
  • Flame bonding
  • Ultrasonic bonding

Needlepunch fabrics are also widely used in coating process such as:

  • Cast coating
  • Expanded coating
  • Extrusion coating
  • Direct coating knife blade
  • Direct coating gravure roll
  • Direct screen coating

Nonwoven Needlepunch fabrics are used to build composite structures, where needlepunch is used to provide bulk, body and resilience.